The inlays on the barrel
and the lock are
composed of three colors
of gold.
The flower panels are
inset and frosted rusulting
in a midnight blue
backdrop for the 24K
gold roses with19k stems
and 17k leaves.
Unfortunatly this is not a
high resolution photo
which makes it impossible
to see the fine detail of the
The stars surrounding the
front sight are also
composed of three colors
of gold.
The .040 Gold band just
ahead of the wedding ring
is what I call damascus
gold. It is composed of
two colors of gold twisted
and fused . A neat little
detail hardley visable in
the photo.
This pistol is in a private
colection. It was on
display at the Owesboro
Museum of fine arts in
Owensboro Kentucky last
fall and was published in
the Museum's display
It is not for sale at any
price. The owner has
stated " I HAVE